International Association of Arts and Culture for Peace (IAACP)


The International Association of Arts and Culture for Peace (IAACP) is a global network of leaders in fields related to the arts and culture, including performing arts, literary arts, fine arts, music, film and dance. Artists are known for their creativity, visionary ideas and capacities to inspire others. Artists bring people together and lead our hearts and minds to reflect on the possibilities for a better world. By bringing together leaders from the arts, IAACP taps into a wellspring of talent that can be utilized in building a world of peace, drawing attention not only to the critical challenges that we face as one human family, but also the opportunities for transformation.

Cultural exchange

Cultural exchange can be highly effective: it boasts a long history of creating relationships between conflicting countries, serving as a neutral space to start a conversation. Because it deals with feelings rather than with ideologies, it talks straight to the heart, not to the head, thereby becoming a unifying element: we find ourselves sharing a common space for listening, seeing, paying attention. In this panel, speakers will talk from their own experience of what culture has to offer about the potential it has to bridge the gap between North and South Korea – countries that, in fact, share the same history and the same culture.